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I live in Tampa, Florida now. Figured that was good fodder for a personal blog. Only one other time did I ever live in a house (besides when I lived at home with my parents) where it was only one unit. And this is the first time I’ve ever lived alone.

I don’t own the house, I’m just renting it. I really like the house, but wow, I can see what a hassle home ownership can be. Already there has been loads of stuff to deal with.

The house didn’t come with a washer and dryer, so I bought those (Whirlpool Duets). The first load in the dryer, it broke. It didn’t get hot, so the clothes don’t dry. I call the place I bought them. They tell me to call a real repair shop and bill them. Repair guy shows up and it turns out it’s a blown fuse. He can replace the fuse, but the problem is the ventilation. He doesn’t do vents, so I gotta call a vent cleaning service. While he’s there, I have him look at the Fridge. It has water/ice, but it doesn’t work. He pulls out the fridge and the water isn’t hooked up. He’ll have to come back later.

In the meantime, the vent guy comes, cleans the vents ($80), dryer now works fine. Appliance guy comes back, hooks up the fridge, but the whole things use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system under the sink. When it’s hooked up and sending water, it leaks. There is a drain clamp that isn’t sealed. Appliance guy says he can’t fix that, I’ll need a plumber. I look up a few online. Appliance guy says those are too expensive, use Craigslist. Applicance guy was about $125.

I find a handyman on Craigslist. He says he’ll come out tomorrow. He never shows. I call a real plumber. Real plumber comes and says it’s a weird part specific to RO systems and he can’t fix it. He does fix my running toilet though ($120). I call a water filtration specialist. They don’t do houses. Refers me to another company that does. The specialist says he’ll come out today. He never shows up. He’s my only hope, so I’m going to need to hound him.

Wow, quite the journey!

In the meantime, I’ve tried about four different lawn service companies. One answered my call, said they’d email back with more info. Never emailed. Another company had an online contact form, it didn’t work. Should have used Wufoo. Another company had an online contact form only. I submitted it, they didn’t get back to me. I tried a guy on Craigslist. TAMPA Craigslist. My house was too far away. IN TAMPA. He said he would have his buddy call me who does lawn care closer to me. He never called.

I just bought a fricking lawnmower. Then two hours after I’m home with the mower, a guy shows up and cuts the yard. Apparently the management company does it and they haven’t told the guy to quit yet since the house is rented. So now I both own a mower and have a mowing service. Cripes.

Now my toilet that I just got fixed is running again. I talk to the guy across the street, he says I really should get pest control. It’s affordable and a good idea.


But I’m all good. In some ways it’s kinda fun juggling all these things getting the house perfect. I quite like it here, so it’ll all be worth it.