Things I Found Interesting Around June 21st


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2 responses to “Things I Found Interesting Around June 21st”

  1. Tommy Day says:

    I’m using XBMC ( on a $200 Acer nettop and I love it. Boxee is a fork of XBMC, I believe.

  2. Corey Dutson says:

    in regards to vm fusion, I’ve been using Virtual Box, and I can actually use it in conjunction with MAMP or Django, or whatever else is running local host on my mac.

    There’s a specific IP that Virtual Box ties to the local host of the mac.

    A little bit of work in the hosts file yielded me a “maclocalhost” option that allowed me to look at anything that’s running local on my mac. This has helped me get excellent cross-browser testing in, as well as helping with multi-user testing.

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