Things I Found Interesting Around June 14th

    Way you could insert extra content into a Tumblr theme, where you can insert JavaScript but not do something like a PHP include.
  • BP Oil Spill Movie
    We OPEN on Billy Bob. He doesn't need the cane anymore — maybe he has some kind of Iron Man cyberleg or something. This will be important later. Just don't ask me why. The phone rings.

    He answers it. It's the PRESIDENT. African American will seem too current and 24 just did two seasons with a chick in the Oval Office, so I say we get real progressive up in here and go Jew. Maybe Dreyfuss or Hoffman.

  • Convergese’s Photostream
  • Phoneballs
    When I saw this link I thought, I wonder if it will be little balls that hang off your phone…


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