Things I Found Interesting Around April 26th

  • Custom Animal Illustrations
    Meg is trying to raise money to move to Portland, OR by drawing custom animals.
  • WaSP InterAct Curriculum
  • ThemeRoller 2.0: Refactoring for Speed
    Notes from Doug Neiners talk at jQuery Conference. Also, explore the rest of the blog post or notes from all the talks he went to.
  • The Jon Neal Show | Episode 2
    Wow this is one weird dude. Who also happens to be a brilliant JavaScript programmer, and who did the music for the yayQuery podcast.
  • HTML5 Shimproof
    Jon Neal did this too I think. Basically HTML5 inserted through AJAX onto a page that doesn’t support HTML5 (browsers where you need to use the shiv). But with this work-around, it works.
  • Google WiFi for Mountain View
    I was in Mountain View and saw this for the first time, pretty cool. Although it didn’t work that well from our hotel so I just used that.


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