I only use one email address.
I only have one “alias”. It’s “chriscoyier”, my name.
I have one avatar that is used everywhere.
I only have one phone number.
I only have one personal website.
I only really use one social networking site1, in which I only really use one account.

I think there is something to being Ol’ Johnny Consistent.

1 Although, when the tides change, I’ll change with it.

9 responses to “One”

  1. Ted Graf says:

    amen brother!
    are you able to pull your gravatar into twitter?

  2. One111!1!1

    Consistency FTW!

  3. Grant Lucas says:

    Hm. when you put it that way I feel I should simplify my setup. I have “that” email which I give out for web services and to people I don’t fully trust.

    What do you do when checking out new services? Ever concerned about your main account being compromised?

  4. Alex says:

    I cannot just use one, I have loads of different accounts, about 4 emails address, 1 for spam sites that just send emails constantly (twitter, facebook), business type things, paid software, and alternative. Social networking is different though. If one was to organise something you would use facebook. For a quick “what your doing” twitter.
    I would just find it hard to only have one site, email etc to use.

  5. Dennis says:

    Great setup. I wish I was you. ;-)

  6. Jon Raasch says:


    I read about the importance of consistency in your avatar a while ago and have been using the same crappy one ever since. See it? It’s right there. Kind of cheesy, but at least memorable (I hope).

    Now I just need to work on not saying so many stupid things online with my real name.

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  8. Stephanie says:

    I never understood the whole more than one email thing. There’s folders for stuff and with most services, you can filter emails into certain folders if you wanted to. Gmail doesn’t have folders persay but the same concept can be applied.

    As for spam, I always unsubscribe from anything that emails me weekly/daily/ever (unless I really want them to). Usually there’s a link in the light gray text at the bottom so it’s never been an issue for me.

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