Something On The Clipboard

Ever ⌘-C something and then get distracted? Then there is this nagging feeling in the back of your head. It’s similar to when you have a drink set down somewhere you know you didn’t finish. What should we call that feeling, when you have something on your clipboard you know you need to paste before losing it?




Paul Richards

tip of the clip

Jason Peltier

Command V Anxiety

Good Web Work



paste haste

Darek Rossman

And yes… there are some software programs that attempt to solve this buy keeping a copy history for you. I tried CopyPastePro, but didn’t like it. It seemed to interfere with actually copying things sometimes, which is unacceptable.


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3 responses to “Something On The Clipboard”

  1. Adam Caron says:

    There’s an app called jumpcut that keeps track of the last 15 (or so) things that were copied to the clipboard. it’s kinda cool.

  2. Mike Dedmon says:

    LOL – After reading this, I saw this and said, “Hmmm, something on the clipboard?”.

    Copy & Paste dangers…

  3. TeMc says:

    I sometimes suffer from the post-/after version of the feeling.

    You copy something important, close the source while getting distracted.

    Something then popps up from the background in which you quickly copy/paste something.

    You then think for a second or two and remember what you were doing, realisisng you lost the clipboard.


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