Things I Found Interesting Around October 23rd

  • Handmade Blue Beanies on Etsy
    Monday, November 30, 2009 is Blue Beanie Day, where you wear a blue beanie to support web standards. These are some crafted ones.
  • Pillows of Mac Apps
    Mostly Adobe Stuff: Ps, Ai, Fw, but also Tweetie
  • FullCalendar
    jQuery calendar plugin. I’m often looking for calendar solutions so I may check this out next time. Even more important than the front end though is a backend for dealing with events, so we’ll see how well it integrates that way.
  • Google Reading gets personal with Popular items and Personalized ranking
    You can now sort folders in Google Reader by “magic”, which puts more popular items first based on fancy magical Google algorithms of what other people are liking. I wonder if this is partially in response to Shaun Inman’s Fever. Also, I hope programs that use the Reader API (NetNewsWire, Byline) can use this.
  • Windows 7 hits the market

    "The Best Buy offer is a home makeover," Microsoft Vice President Tami Reller told CNET News. "For the price of a Mac you have a new notebook, a new Netbook, a new desktop, and a new router to bring it together with the help of the Geek Squad."

    What kind of crazy lie is that?

  • Morris Family Old Time Music Festival
    Really great / Really old footage of an old time festival
  • Haystack
    37 Signals put out a directory of web designers. Agencies can list themselves, People can find agencies. Is it popular because it’s well designed and a good idea — or is it popular because 37 signals did it?
  • Google Include Twitter in Search Results
    I think this is a smart move. In their announcement, they use the example of getting real time information about weather at ski resorts from skiiers who are actually on the mountain at that time. That’s darn smart.
    Patent Application 20090228784 by Apple. They are trying to lock down CSS transforms and transitions? I hope not, that would be unacceptable.


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