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“Right?” – The New Semi-Colon

I do screencasts over on CSS-Tricks. About 40-60 minutes a pop of just me talking into a microphone. So if I have any annoying speech habits, I tend to hear about it. I’ve been ragged on a few times for saying “Right.”

Not “Right” as in “I made a right turn.”, but just tossed in causally like “So now now we have this result in Firefox. Right.” Also very common is to use it in between two sentences: “Internet Explorer will show the corners as squares. Right. And it’s not important.” The “Right” comes quickly, like a spoken semi-colon.

Now that I’ve been tuned into it, I’ve tried to stop saying it myself because I feel it’s slangy and unnecessary for clean communication. And now that I’m tuned into it, I hear it all the time. It’s a rather strange trend that it seems to me has just emerged in the last year or so.

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