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Ways to Improve Pitchfork Music Festival

  1. Turn it up.
    It was far too quiet. If you didn’t want to jam your way up to the front of a stage to hear better, you were left with muffled quiet shitty sound.
  2. More Porta-Potties.
    People were not kidding Saturday when they were saying they spent more time peeing than they did watching music. It was often a 45-minute affair. To Pitchfork’s credit, it was better on Sunday.
  3. Let me bring in my camera.
    It was probably posted somewhere so it was my fault, but I’m still bitter about it. I had to cab all the way home to drop of my camera that I was unallowed to bring in. Point-and-shoots were fine, but not my Canon Digital Rebel. Why? All I would have done is snap some fun pictures and post them around the internet. Isn’t that free promo? I can’t think of a single reason why people were turned away for this.