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Protecting Your Coda Saved Sites

Somewhat randomly, after a hard crash on my system, I opened up Coda to find that it was unregistered and all my saved sites were gone. I wasn’t too happy about it, since there were probably 20 in there that I would have to dig through all kinds of old emails again to dig up the info, if I was even able to.

As it turns out, there is pretty much one file responsible for this: com.panic.Coda.plist – which is located at ~User~/Library/Preferences. Apparently it got lost or corrupted somehow. I was using Time Machine, so I should have been able to just notch back in time a little and grab an old copy. [Long unimportant story], I was unable to do that at the current time.

Thanks to a nice little Facebook conversation with Rahul Bansal, I have some tips to share to prevent it from happening again.

There is a secondary awesome feature of using Transmit as your master-source for all saved sites. Transmit syncs with .Mac. So if you have .Mac, all your computers will have the same saved sites on them in Transmit. When I first got my laptop, I was bewildered how it automatically knew all my saved sites, but this is clearly why. For the record, I have since stopped using .Mac because I think it’s over-priced and under-valued.