Like a Helpless Baby

That’s how I feel when Gmail is down. It’s been HOURS. When it’s up and working fine. I LOVE it. It’s a web application I find a complete joy to use every day. When it’s down I HATE it. Years and years and years of email inaccessible, but worse, my inbox is basically my to-do list, and without that, I feel helpless.

Yes, there is plenty of other stuff I can and should be doing. Yes, it’s my fault I don’t download all this email offline so this doesn’t happen.

I’m still pissed.


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2 responses to “Like a Helpless Baby”

  1. John says:

    Are you the only one that has been having this problem? I know it doesn’t help, but Gmail is loading fine for me. Hm, it’s a weird problem…

  2. Chris Coyier says:

    6 hours later, and it’s back! Longest outage I’ve ever had (at least that I know about). I didn’t hear much outcry, so I’m assuming it was like only a few servers of the many and one that I happen to be on.

    Now to look into better offline solutions…

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