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Back, Hippie! GET BACK!

You can’t go to the grocery store around here without a few hippies asking if you “just wanna talk”. They want to tell you all about global warming and if how you should sign up right now (and give them twenty dollars) to support their cause. If you tell them you’d like to research this a bit more and get back to them, that’s like spitting in their face. If they really, truly cared about the environment, wouldn’t they be pleased to know that I was going to do some research on the subject and enlighten myself? Boy, I really seem to get the feeling that that twenty dollars means a lot more to them than the information they were giving me.

I’ll tell you what, hippies. I too want this world to be a better place. I dream of a world where global warming is reversed and there are no more god damn people bothering me when I stop in for milk. Maybe next time I’ll pick up some organic pepper spray.

(I’m actually in quite a good mood today, I don’t mean to be all negative, but I’ve just been meaning to blog about these damn hippies for a while now)