Merlin Mann as Jim Wesson (EVP, Enterprise Sales):

BUT, on that same subject, Sandra, what can you do to really make the new design β€œPOP”? I want it to really POP off the page. People get many letters every year, and I want ours to be the ones that never get thrown away β€” just because the POP is literally almost audible. Even in a desk drawer. I want our letters on bulletins boards because of all the POP.

In design it is also very important that you keep it CLEAN. I like the white paper (or is it ecru? egg? not important) but I think the overall design could be more clean. For example, the fonts on the head part should be VERY VERY CLEAN. Maybe times new roman. At least 20 or 50 or more. Again, I do not know what this is in computer picas, but it should be at least two thirds of my coffee cup (see attached). As you know, a clean font is a way to make a design really POP, and times is a font we already have on our PCs, so it will match very well from the HP printers. Also maybe try β€œmistral” which is also a very clean font. Have fun with it.

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