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Some Quick Lessons I Learned While Moving Servers

The Grid Service (gs) at Media Temple is pretty badass. Yeah, it’s had a rough few weeks with some outages, but overall it’s about as solid as any other host. For $20 a month, I’m not sure it can be beat. CSS-Tricks was sitting on it since it’s very launch, and it’s now serving over half a million pages a month and there are probably 30 other sites on the same account.

But alas, I was starting to exceed the (gs) capabilities. I was accruing larger and larger overage charges each month. Besides, a few slowness complaints were starting to trickle in so I figured it was time to go for some bigger hardware. I decided to stick with Media Temple and go with the Dedicated Virtual (dv) service. Still a decent price for what you get, if you ask me. What sucks though, is that this is a manual move, nothing automated whatsoever. You also lose the awesome (gs) admin area and have to use Plesk instead. I’m not a huge fan of Plesk.

Here is some stuff I learned.