The personal website of Chris Coyier

Uhm, No.

Random email from dude, paraphrased:

Hey I like one of the sites in your portfolio. I work on a website for a (debateably) charitable organization. Could you please zip up all the files for that and send it to me?


It’s funny you mention that, we have had other interest in the site to and plan to package that up and sell it very inexpensively soon. I’ll let you know when that is ready.


Why would you charge me?! The work is already done! If it’s not free then I don’t want it.


I like that shirt you are wearing, can you please take it off and give it to me for free?


OK, I didn’t say that, I just deleted the email. But seriously… design is a skilled trade that we pour our hearts into like any other job. And you know what? Offering high quality design work for discount prices IS charitable.