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Normally I’m an up-to-date kinda guy so on my Windows XP install (through VMWare Fusion), I have the latest beta IE 8 running. Then I do my IE 6 testing through IE Tester. This normally works fine until recently I had a problem with Wufoo forms. Any page with a Wufoo form on it wouldn’t load in IE 6. I contacted them and they said they’ve seen the same thing, but only through “virtualized” renderings of IE 6, not through “real” installations. So I decided I was gonna uninstall my way back down to IE 6 and see if that would work. First you uninstall IE 8, restart, which brings you to IE 7. Then you uninstall IE 7, restart, which brings you to IE 6 (friggin seriously).

Fortunately, this worked, and it wasn’t Wufoo at all, those pages were running fine in a “real” instance of IE 6. But now I have a problem with a site in IE 7. IE Tester can’t test IE 7 unless you actually have it installed, so I needed to go back to and install IE 7. And…

WTF. Great time for a nasty weird error with no solution in sight. I hate Windows. This is what happens when you click to download IE 7. You can close it, but then no download starts.