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My Favorite TV Shows of All Time

Kottke recently posted a poll on the Best show on TV ever, which got me all nostalgic for TV. And after all, this is why I love having a personal blog I can post whatever the heck I want on. So here are my favorite TV shows ever!

There was everything to love about this show. Beautiful setting. Well acted. Well written. Quirky. Long interesting character arcs. Feel good. I recently went to Roslyn, Washington where it was shot and it was still kinda awesome.

No surprise this show was also from creator David Chase (Northern Exposure). Amazing ensemble cast. Well acted all around. Long interesting stories. Character depth. Surprises. Gotta love that crazy ending too, such a bold move.

I like sci-fi anyway, but this is a sci-fi show that anyone could like. Takes an out-there premise and makes it feel real and gritty. Proves you can tell sci-fi stories without giant bugs playing weird instruments, time travel, and all that other nerdy stuff that can hamper storytelling.

Some TV shows can solve 2 murders in 60 minutes. Twin Peaks took two seasons and a movie to solve Laura Palmer’s murder. And then did they even really solve it? God I want some pie.

Never before has a show blown my loaf episode after episode after episode. Intricate mythology. Suspense. Drama. Fascinating.

I love how this show took the played-out genre of “Cop Show” and just rocked it out. It’s the same stuff: solving crimes, corruption, family drama. But The Shield does is better than it’s ever been done before. The shaky-camera documentary/breaking-news filming style I think had a lot to do with it.

Honorable Mentions:

Friday Night Lights
Yeah that’s right. This is a great show.

This would have been in my top shows for sure if FOX didn’t make the worst decision it’s ever made in canceling Firefly. Just didn’t have enough episodes to really spread it’s wings. But what is there is amazing.

The Black Donnellys
Also prematurely canceled. This show was great and had as much potential as the Sopranos if you ask me.


Funnier than the Simpsons. Funnier than South Park. Funnier than Family Guy. I said it.

Arrested Development
FOX dropped the ball on this one too, but at least we got three great seasons.

Home Movies
Hugely under-rated I think. H. Jon Benjamin does a bunch of different characters. Priceless.

I’m sure I will like but haven’t seen yet:

The Wire
Yeah yeah. I’ll get around to it.