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The Big Move

Some of my hosting packages are coming up on their renewal dates. I decided a few weeks ago that I would buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from my hosting company and move my sites on to that. I consider myself a little above the curve as far as technology goes, but I’m far from a super-hacker network nerd. This is only day one of trying to get it all set up, so I’m not too worried yet, but I fear I might have gotten myself in over my head.

I own three hosted accounts through iPower that I administer through their vDeck program, including this one. I’m not going to mess with those just yet until I successfully set up a less important site.

This is my first attempt at moving a site onto my new VPS:


    <li>"Unlock" the domain (, an owned but not hosted domain, empty)</li>
    <li>Add Name Servers to that domain ( &</li>
    <li>Update the domain to use those new Name Servers</li>
    <li>"Lock" the domain</li>
    <li>Set up domain in Plesk (program that administers my VPS)</li>
    <li>Cross fingers that the domain will now resolve to correct place on my new server</li>
    <li>Wait impatiently</li>
    <li>If it works, then hopefully FTP will resolve to the same place and I'll be able to log in and upload my files.</li>


I understand that I can use those same name servers for all of my sites. I'm not sure how that works but that's what I heard. If anyone out there has experience with this type of thing and has any input, or would be willing to answer some questions, contact me through the email link below. I'm a bit concerned that this is a stupid security risk, that is, telling people what sites I own ,on what hosting company, running what software, and where my name servers are.  Is it?