Things To Do

My Dream To-Do List:


    <li>Book flight to Alaska</li>
    <li>Order MacBook</li>
    <li>See doctor about candle wax burns on chest</li>
    <li>Respond to fan mail</li>
    <li>Call theater about opening day private screening of Snakes on a Plane</li>
    <li>Get back to Steve Jobs about disc golf saturday</li>
    <li>Restring my 1949 Martin D-28</li>


<h3>My Actual To-Do List:</h3>

    <li>Put ad in paper in hopeless attempt to find third roomate</li>
    <li>Try to get out of 2-Year Dish Network contract</li>
    <li>Try to get out of 1-Year TiVO contract</li>
    <li>Return box of Civil War books and CD's to friend's dad</li>
    <li>Mow front yard</li>
    <li>Refill allergy medications</li>
    <li>Try to get through another day</li>

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