Things To Do

My Dream To-Do List:

  1. Book flight to Alaska
  2. Order MacBook
  3. See doctor about candle wax burns on chest
  4. Respond to fan mail
  5. Call theater about opening day private screening of Snakes on a Plane
  6. Get back to Steve Jobs about disc golf Saturday
  7. Restring my 1949 Martin D-28

My Actual To-Do List:

  1. Put ad in paper in hopeless attempt to find third roomate
  2. Try to get out of 2-Year Dish Network contract
  3. Try to get out of 1-Year TiVO contract
  4. Return box of Civil War books and CD’s to friend’s dad
  5. Mow front yard
  6. Refill allergy medications
  7. Try to get through another day



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