Knowing From Search

I started to write a post today about search. I wanted to emphasize that it is not only important how you search but where. I ended up going on and on and the results were way too scattered and rambling. I’m going to try to explain this simple concept more clearly here.

<h3>What you are searching for and where to do it:</h3>


    <li><em>A Definition or Explanation.</em><br /><br />
        Use <a href="">Wikipedia</a> or the <a href="">Dictionary</a>.</li>
    <li><strong><em>The Buzz.</em></strong><br /><br />
                     Check the blogs with <a href="">Sphere</a> or <a href="">Technorati</a>.</li>
    <li><strong><em>A Product or Review.</em></strong><br /><br />
                      Use one of <a href="">The</a> <a href="">Big</a> <a href="">Dogs</a>, or<a href="">one of</a> <a href="">the</a> <a href="">competitors</a>. Read the <a href="">consumer report</a>, check the <a href="">blogs</a>.</li>
    <li><strong><em>The Basics.</em></strong><br /><br />
                      Just need an address or phone number? Try the <a href="">Yellow Pages</a>.</li>
    <li><strong><em>The Scoop.</em></strong><br /><br />
                       Searching for news? Try <a href="">Newsvine</a> or <a href="">The</a> <a href="">Big</a> <a href="">Dogs</a>. Technology Specific? Search <a href="">Slashdot</a> or <a href="">Digg</a>.</li>
    <li><strong><em>Like-minded People.</em></strong><br /><br />
                       <a href="">Search</a> <a href="">through the</a> <a href="">newsgroups</a>.</li>
    <li><strong><em>An Image.</em></strong><br /><br />
                       <a href="">Google images</a> might turn up something you can use, but <a href="">Flickr</a> is king for finding tons of great images.</li>
  • Anything movie related.

    Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are probably all you’ll ever need.

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