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  1. Harm says:

    Several years back a Dutch writer started collecting (other people’s) grocery lists and then made recipes with the things on the lists. When he had quite a few, he made a book with the grocery-lists and the recipes.

    Another thing he did once was taking pictures of cigarette stubs he saw on the ground.

  2. Chris Coyier says:

    That sounds great. Do you remember his name?

  3. Harm says:

    AFAIK his name is Jos Houweling.
    I don’t know the name of the book and I cannot find anything about it, unfortunately.
    In ’79 he had another book “Een nieuw lente, een nieuw fornuis” which means a new spring, a new furnace (oven). The title comes from a famous Dutch poem which starts with “Een nieuwe lente, een nieuw geluid” which means a new spring, a new sound.
    The book is about alternative use of all kinds of stuff. Very very hilarious.
    On the over of that book are several of his pictures of cigarette-stubs.


  4. Chris Coyier says:

    Cool, thanks.

    The Google results for Jos Houweling are a little spotty, but I bet I could sift out useful information. The books sound like just the kind of thing I find interesting.

  5. Harm says:

    But the book is in dutch, can you read that?

    I’ll try to find more about him and his books.

  6. Chris Coyier says:

    I can’t read dutch but I can look at artistic pictures of cigarette-stubs on the ground. That’s what I was most interested in. There was a book my old roomate had of a photographer who took pictures of really mundane office workers and military personal working at desks that were pretty facinating. For the life of me I can’t remember his name. I think he was most famous for his photographs of strangely quiet car crashes of Volkswagen bugs.

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