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The critically acclaimed film Akeelah and the Bee opened this week, inspiring children world wide to try hard, do good, and feel ways about stuff. Most Americans however, when scanning the newspaper to see what’s playing, will stop reading half-way through the word Akeelah and check out the next movie down.


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<h3>Inspirational children's movie ideas with even less linguistic flow:</h3>


    <li>Lashawnte and the Geography-Off</li>
    <li>Shatoya and the High School Jeopardy Pretrials</li>
    <li>Latosha and Awkwardness of Competing in a Male-Dominated Sporting Event</li>
    <li>Chris and the Struggle For Relevency</li>


<h3>Inspirational children's movie ideas with more Self-Righteous American Machoismo appeal:</h3>
  1. James and the Dream That Came True
  2. Tom and the Winning Goal
  3. Billy and the Unfathomable Inheritance
  4. Jim and the High Probability of Success