B4BY N4M35

Awesome Baby Names For Tech Nerds:

  1. Metadata
  2. Prson
  3. 4d4m
  4. Dell
  5. subpage.php
  6. Darth
  7. Gary


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4 responses to “B4BY N4M35”

  1. Zervas says:

    since it’s beginning to look like I’m actually going to reproduce one of these days I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking of baby names. My main problem is I’m 26, I already associate every single name with some asshole/whore I’ve met in the past. I also am not christian, so that’s like half of the “normal” names out there and I refuse to name my kid something in a language I don’t speak. I won’t get a tattoo that I think means strength in japanese but really means cracker faggot and by the same token I won’t name daughter something that I think means princess but really means white trash hoe.
    Unfortunately that leaves me with a very limited collection of names. I’ve been pushing for Boba pretty hard but the potential incubator isn’t too crazy about that idea. The way I look at it I can name my future kid(s) after places, dead people, or english words.
    The problem with words is that it seems very indian/hippy to name your kid rainbow beautiful snowflake johnson and while I’m 1/32nd injun I’ll be damned if I let somebody mistake my kid for a flower child. Might as well name the little thing “If you kick my ass my parents won’t do anything about it” johnson.
    you can’t do an alive person because you never know what they’ll end up doing to fuck up their image. James Dean and Jesus could have easily gone the way of Fat Elvis had they managed to live into their 40’s. I bet Usama seemed like a great name in the 80’s when he was all a freedom fighter and shit, not so much now.
    Places, I could name my kid after a place I’ve never lived in and have no association with, a la the Beckhams. The problem with that is your white trash side can really shine through, just like chicks who think the olive garden is a nice place to eat, white trash name kids after places they think are glamorous without realising the places aren’t glamorous you just need to get out of the trailer more. Places like Paris and Brooklyn are nice in theory but smell like piss in reality.
    Also, don’t get cute, if you’re from Syracuse New York don’t name your daughter Suri Cruise. God I hate that guy so much.
    My dad wanted to name me Paladin and I thank my mom several times a year for not allowing that. At least in today’s world I could probably name my kid goldenpalace.com and make a few bucks. I guess any name is better than wii

  2. Zervas says:

    ok, so that was a bit rambly. let’s try to list it.

    1. GoldenPalace.com
    2. Meme
    3. Boba

    Penultimate: Suri
    Last: Wii

  3. chriscoyier says:

    I gotta say that’s a pretty good rant. The flow is getting a lot better and the thoughts are sharper and have a consistent tone. The spelling and punctuation really help, it’s kind of a must. Maybe I’ll get a spell checker built right into this comment system somehow, cause copying and pasting can be a pain in the ass.

    As an aside, I thought I lost all that old Zervas Signs Off stuff, but I didn’t. On one hand, I feel like you should just write write write and it’s all about the process and where you are going, but on the other, it’s fun to read that old shit sometimes. Like when you actually walked a mile in Randy’s shoes and didn’t understand him any better. That’s fucking priceless.

  4. Zervas says:

    Yeah. I definitely need to keep working on my writing style and clarity but it’s developing. I’m thinking just rereading what I wrote before posting will eliminate most of the errs. I’m glad you still have that zervas signs off stuff. I think I need to progress rather than stay in the past but I have such a bad memory I’ll probably repeat a lot of ideas if I don’t look back once in a while.
    I appreciate your encouragement.

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