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It’s A Man Eat Dog World

A Louisiana newspaper is reporting that a man all goofed up on PCP and coke was walking down the street in his underware, covered in blood. When the dog he was carrying (and talking to) was examined, they found the ear all mangled and eaten. Surgeons were able to fix the dog up and even out the ears. The man is being prosecuted to the fullest, without possibility of probation, for animal torture.

Sometimes drugs make me hungry too.

Here are alternatives to dog-ear when you get the munchies:


    <li><a href="">Unicorn Pancakes</a></li>
    <li>Microwaved Carl Budding Beef Slices</li>
    <li>Grilled Cheese Sandwich</li>
    <li>Tomato Soup</li>
    <li>Braised Vegetables Over Rice with Dog</li>