Super Terrorist Sisters

A couple of girls from Portage county in Ohio are facing criminal charges for making super mario brothers question-mark cubes out of cardboard and printed wrapping paper and hanging them around town. These super-cute ornaments “scared the dickins” out of the community, who thought them to be bombs. Even police chief Randall McCoy said they “could be deadly”. I guess these girls might need to use one of their extra lives.

Here are some other things we should criminalize children for:

  1. Making popcorn streamers
  2. Playing Capture the Flag
  3. Helping old ladies cross the street
  4. Rollerskating to school
  5. Breathing

More info and pictures:

3 responses to “Super Terrorist Sisters”

  1. Zervas says:

    I read about that too. It sounded like bright, creative kids having some good clean fun in a kind of nerdy/cool way. I guess those kids learned a lesson, it’s better to smoke pot in your basement away from everyone else than to make your community a more magical place. Next year hidden colored eggs thought to be an al qaeda plot.
    this link shows how totally awesome and harmless of an idea this was

  2. chriscoyier says:

    No wonder these Ohio people are crazy. I just learned this:

    There are no natural lakes in the state of Ohio, every one is man-made.

  3. Zervas says:

    No lakes? Where are you supposed to go if water vulnerable aliens come (to our mostly water planet) and try to take over? That’s actually pretty creepy, I’ve been thinking about moving to cleveland for a while but I just don’t trust a place without lakes. I also require trees, non-human animals and less than 90% white people.

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