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Non-Manly Fleshwounds

My roomate and me cut up this giant old dead tree in our front yard this weekend. I took a break and went inside at one point and unloaded the dishwasher. While I was doing this, a glass slipped out of my hand, fell onto another glass and broke. While I was flailing trying to catch the glass, I smashed the top of my left ring finger onto a large glass shard and it cut deeply. So here I am with gauze and tape all around this huge fleshwound that I didn’t get while chainsawing a fricking tree down, but while putting glasses away.

Here are other equally lame ways to cut yourself:

  1. Poking your finger with a sewing needle
  2. Getting a paper cut while collating envelopes
  3. Snagging a loose screw on a washing machine
  4. Slicing your finger while portioning your quiche
  5. Deeply into your wrists with an exacto blade in a freshly drawn tub of hot water