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Could you sleep with wires glued to your head?

It’s kind of like that only I am little less fat and was a lot less happy about it.

I went in for a sleep study last night at the hospital. I was pretty sure I didn’t have any sleeping problems, but my general doctor wanted to rule it out as a potential factor in my inability to lose weight. OK, I said, what the hell. I chalked it off as a new experience I could use to kill a Monday night. Its not costing me anything anyway (I don’t think).

So I go in last night about 8:30. By about 10:30 they got you all settled in and hooked up. 8 wires coming off your head and chest, four more on your legs, some tube things by your nose to measure breathing, and a finger clamp to measure oxygen. I didn’t sleep a fricking wink.

Here is why:


    <li>I was on a foreign room with a foreign pillow and foreign sheets on a foreign bed.</li>
    <li>There was a camera focused right on my body.</li>
    <li>I'm wore a T-Shirt and cotton pants. Normally I sleep in my underwear.</li>
    <li>If the grim reaper was anywhere, it was around there somewhere</li>
    <li>I CAN'T SLEEP ON MY BACK</li>
    <li>There were motherfucking wires all over my shit</li>
    <li>There was a woman who was monitoring every little eye movement I made, hoping desperately that I would fall asleep</li>
    <li>She kept INTERCOMING me suggestions to help me fall asleep. WTF</li>