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Dang Nabit

It’s always something, isn’t it?

Here are some things it could be:

  1. Wish could afford the new Intel Mac Mini, but cannot
  2. Landslide of mud has destroyed home, which was also made from mud
  3. New all-vegetable diet wreaking havoc on digestive system
  4. Lost to Canada in final game of Wheelchair Rugby Olympics
  5. Top 10 things on Netflix Queue have a ‘Long Wait’
  6. Barely known own father, who has now become only ally as a double agent trying to bring down world wide murderous organization
  7. Favorite pen dangerously low on ink
  8. Watched mother get murdered as a child (Cute animated deer only)
  9. Keep forgetting to make follow-up doctor appointment
  10. Writing on hand stays on hand for embarrassingly long time with no-soap lifestyle