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New Design

I’ve upgraded my WordPress version and I’m playing around with some new designs and templates. Basically I can’t make up my frigging mind. I found something I really liked and then it didn’t work right. Then I switched to this format and I sort of like it, but not as much, and now comments aren’t […]

Healthier Animals

From the New York Times: A group of university researchers in the United States announced Sunday that they had created what sounds like a nutritional holy grail: cloned pigs that make their own omega-3 fatty acids, potentially leading to bacon and pork chops that might help your heart. Excellent. Here are some other animals that […]

Brain Cancer

In a recent blood test, my doctor told me I’m showing an abnormal level of some kind of hormone that may be related to a malignant tumor in my pituitary gland (which is in your brain I guess). I don’t know for sure yet though, so no cause for alarm. I figure I’ve had a […]

Wedding Attire

I have some friends getting married this July. I met with them last night to discuss the designing and printing of their invitations. They told me that the groomsmen are wearing black cowboy shirts and the bridesmaids are wearing black dresses. The bride and groom are wearing the same, only with more elaborate designs. The […]

Non-Manly Fleshwounds

My roomate and me cut up this giant old dead tree in our front yard this weekend. I took a break and went inside at one point and unloaded the dishwasher. While I was doing this, a glass slipped out of my hand, fell onto another glass and broke. While I was flailing trying to […]

Value Judgements on Games

I learned to play Backgammon this weekend and ended up playing about 50 games in all. It’s a super fun game that I would recommend to anyone. I find myself playing a lot of games recently to pass the time. Here are my value judgments on some games: Checkers: I like that its strategy based […]

Life’s little pleasures

Sometimes it’s enough to just enjoy life’s little pleasures. Here are a few: Pissing into a flushing urnial Being the only car at a four-way stop Syncronizing folders over FTP Q-Tippin’ your ears Freebasing

Oh my god, make it stop.

It’s always something isn’t it? Here are some things it could be: They are just doing a little cutting next door Road closures turning daily commute of 5 miles into 15 miles Knee hurts Just because parents march there every year doesn’t mean you have to (Penguins only) Accidentally bought fat-free cream cheese Facing murder […]

Things I would pay $100 for

Look at that Mo-Fo. This isn’t a one-time deal either, you can get one at Moma Lena’s pizza in PA for a hundred bucks any day of the week. Believe-you-me, I’d order the shit out of that pizza tonight if it was around here. Here are some other things I would pay $100 for: A […]

I’ve had it with these snakes!

Man oh man. There has been some funny shit going on lately: South Park’s War on Scientology Snakes on a Plane trailer Hire B-List Actors to Call People With Personal Greetings

Celebrity Causes

I read this Reuters article on Yahoo! news this morning: The blond star of the film “The Dukes of Hazzard” still plans to visit Washington on Thursday to lobby members of Congress on behalf of Operation Smile, a non-profit venture offering free plastic surgery for disadvantaged children overseas with facial deformities. Allow me to rephrase: […]

Tech Podcasts I like:

I’m buying into this “podcasting phenomenon”. It’s mostly crap, but I’ve cobbled together a healthy list of subscriptions that I find informative, entertaining, and enjoyable. Here are my favorites: This Week in Tech Buzz Out Loud eMacCast Security Now! Inside Mac Inside the Net Daily Giz Wiz 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks Daily GizWiz KFI Tech […]

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