The personal website of Chris Coyier

New Design

I’ve upgraded my WordPress version and I’m playing around with some new designs and templates. Basically I can’t make up my frigging mind. I found something I really liked and then it didn’t work right. Then I switched to this format and I sort of like it, but not as much, and now comments aren’t as integrated as I’d like them to be (but still there). I had to do all kinds of crap to get this one working and change a lot of the tagging in the actual posts to get this to work, so we’re going to have to stick with it for maybe a week or two until I get the time to find something really really nice. Thanks for bearing with me.

Here are some things you could do while bearing with me:

  1. Learn Chinese
  2. Listen to the last few Security Now! podcasts with Steve Gibson which are about cryptography and totally fascinating
  3. Split peas
  4. Draw a maze and mail it to a random person in the phone book
  5. Go camping on a river where you will write a letter to a past significant other and burn it
  6. Sniff glue
  7. Don’t look at any kind of screen for 24 hours
  8. Trim your pubes
  9. Go play a really nice guitar at a music store