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Which is worse…

…being a smoker, or being fat?

Here are the facts:

  1. Fat people are jolly, smokers are grumpy. However, fat people have deep-rooted depression based on their self-image. Smokers have glorious self-image. No points.
  2. Fat people will die of a heart attack. Smokers will die of lung cancer. No points.
  3. Fat people can’t run because they can’t breathe. Smokers can’t run because they can’t breathe. No points.
  4. There are more old smokers than old fat people, thus, smokers live longer. One point smokers.
  5. Smokers have shitty teeth from the tar in ciggarettes. Fat people have shitty teeth from the sugar in Cola. No points.
  6. Smokers houses smell like ashtrays. Fat peoples houses smell like delicious pies. One point fat people.
  7. Fat people never get laid. Smokers get laid all the time. One point smokers.
  8. To curb boredom, fat people eat. Smokers curb boredom by smoking. No points.
  9. You may be discriminated against for being fat or for being a smoker. No points.
  10. Smoking is expensive. So is eating three meals a day from fast food restaurants. No points.

So there you have it folks. 2 points smokers, 1 point fat people. Smoking is better than being fat. Of course, being both is horrible, don’t do that.