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Digital Pet, Yo-Yo, MP3 Player, & Secret Lover

What do an outdated toy, an outdated fad, and an crappy MP3 player have in common? They are all the same thing, at least in this case. I wish I was at the meeting where this thing was thought up. I bet this is how it went down:

Struggling Low-Level Japanese Businessman: “Sir, the kids these days love their MP3 players, but they just can’t play with them in the way they could with, say, other kids or a pet.
Hyper-rich Japanese Fatcat: “Yesyes, I see. Remember that stupid digital pet phenomenon that we made billions on? Throw one of those in there too.”
SLLJB: “Good idea sir, but still, all they can do with the device is sit there and look at the screen. Maybe we could incorporate some kind of physical activity as well.”
HRJF: “Physical activity?! That will never go over well in the States. Unless… It’s more of a novelty instead of real activity.”
SLLJB: “Hmmm, what’s the stupidest, nerdiest, most outdated, and least fun toy ever?”
HRJF/SLLJB (in unison): “Yo-yo.”
HRJF: “Good work. I’m giving you new sleep tube with one extra square foot.”

Here are some other ideas for tech/toy combinations:

  1. Headphones / Ear Hair Trimmer / Magneto Helmet
  2. Mouse / Pet Rock / Paperweight
  3. Cellphone / Pocket Pussy / Squirt Gun