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It seems I have inadvertently eaten some mermaid flesh.

You see, I have inadvertently eaten some mermaid flesh. Five hundred years ago I was wandering around one day when an old man offered me some mermaid flesh to eat so I accepted it and ate the mermaid flesh. I did not know it was mermaid flesh at the time. When you eat mermaid flesh you either become immortal or you turn into a monster. With mermaid flesh, it’s really one thing or the other. It only happens once too, if you eat mermaid flesh and turn into a monster, you can’t eat more mermaid flesh and then become immortal, since you’ve already eaten mermaid flesh. Mermaid flesh is super rare anyway, so it’s not like eating more mermaid flesh will be hard to avoid. I’m sure you’ve guessed that when I ate mermaid flesh, I became immortal. I’ve had a lot of time recently to keep wandering around trying to sort out this whole mermaid flesh issue. The best advice I can give you is to give it some serious thought before you eat strange seafood from an old man, since it might be mermaid flesh. (mermaidfleshmermaidfleshmermaidflesh.) I saw this anime this weekend that was just like this. It was kind of awesome.

Here are some things you could replace mermaid flesh with to make a whole different series:

  1. Cyclops toe
  2. Vulcan ear
  3. Unicorn penis