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Cor Blimey! It’s always something isn’t it?

Here are some things it could be:

  1. Screwed up the first number on your daily Su-Do-Ku puzzle
  2. Can’t keep flies off face in last seconds of life
  3. Got outbid at last second on sweet new 50″ plasma
  4. Over-the-counter dandruff shampoo isn’t cutting it
  5. Didn’t cut deep enough
  6. Made whole batch of angel hair pasta and garlic alfredo sauce before realizing you HATE alfredo sauce
  7. Can’t decide whether to to eat the mermaid flesh for a chance at immortality, since it might turn you into a hideous monster
  8. Sick of all your CD’s
  9. Had to kill yourself so Goldie would be safe
  10. Can’t think of anything to blog about so have to go back to working