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Chrislist Eve

Happy Festivus, and Merry Chrislist Eve!

And now for the airing of the grievances:

  1. I am disappointed with TiVo for dropping the ball so intensely on not having a stand alone HD DVR and not supporting OS X Tiger. Do they not realize that a lot of their original customer base are nerds and like to stay on the cutting edge?
  2. I am disappointed with all the television networks for their unbelievable ability to cancel great shows and replace them with total swill. For not having the confidence it takes to let a great show grow. If they always succumb to instant ratings-based decisions, pretty soon we will have a whole new lineup every season of 15-minute celebrity makeovers and dancing seizure robots
  3. I am disappointed in my boss, for not realizing my genius and showering me with raises and bonuses.

For my feat of strength, I will punch George W. Bush in the balls.