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King Kong

I went to go see King Kong last night. I was a little tired to begin with, so the first hour or so was putting me right to sleep, but not to fret, almost the entire last two-thirds of the movie is high-power actionriffic. There was even a completely gratuitous scene in this rocky valley where the team fought off giant bugs for a good 10+ minutes.

I’ve been learing a lot at the theaters this week, here are some more things I learned:

  1. Giant apes love blondes, too
  2. King Kong vs. 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex’s: King Kong wins
  3. There are completely quiet streets and beautiful skating ponds in the middle of New York City with no other people whatsoever
  4. If you fall off the Empire State Building, you will die, but not splatter into oblivion, or in fact, even bleed
  5. Peter Jackson could pee in a cup and make money