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I have a friend who was delegated the task of interviewing people this week whom they “already knew they weren’t going to hire.” That’s a strange position to be in for him, and unfortunate for the candidates.

Here are 4 questions that he could ask that might get the signal across:

  1. “Tell me a little about yourself. Does your spouse work?”
  2. “Do you have a ‘Plan B’?”
  3. “How many other places have you applied? A lot, right?”
  4. “You are locked in a cell with two doors, one is made from thick metal with a small window in it. Through this window, you can see green pastures and happy people, and the other one is made out of wood, a lot like this door here, and outside of it, you can see your shitty car with snow all over it. You try the metal door and it is locked, so you try the wooden door and it’s so rickety it falls right off its frame. Guess which door you will be walking out of.”