Spending some time this morning writing my state reps

Embarrassingly, aside from voting, I haven’t been particularly politically active since college. But since the literal president is like boy golly gee somebody should do something (😳), instead of doing even the bare minimum, I can at least make sure everyone else whose job it is to represent me knows exactly what I want to […]

Scripts, Programs, and Templates

I don’t think there is any computer science concept that distinguishes the terms scripts, templates, and programs in any real sense. Go code is Go code. Something runs the code, it runs. Maybe it exits in 0.01 seconds, maybe it exists in 15 hours after calculating some astrophysics equation. PHP code is PHP code. Something […]

Unexpected Folk

Some Irish lads bust out the instruments at the airport to lift spirits. Fun! There is something special about traditional folk music. There is some real by-the-people-for-the-people energy to it that people respond to. They smile. They tap their feet. They like it, even (especially?) in unexpected situations. I feel like if Coldplay was there […]

That’s a lot of jobs

Daniel Howell is (was?) a Youtuber who peaced out of YouTube a couple of years ago with a brief return coming out video only to peace out again. Now has posted an explanation video Why I Quit YouTube that is a pretty interesting watch. Here’s a bit I like that I think will resonate with […]

Mouthblogging Brackets

It can be hard to summon the correct word for the characters below such that everyone understands which characters you mean when you are speaking. { } Curly Brackets [ ] Square Brackets ( ) Round Brackets < > Angle Brackets Consider this an homage to this wonderfully HTML4 page that hasn’t changed in 16 […]

Cannibal Sandwiches

Mary Kate McCoy for Wisconsin Public Radio: It’s the holidays and to quiet your pre-dinner hunger, someone hands you a slice of rye bread topped with a thick spread of fresh raw beef, chopped onion and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Cannibal sandwiches are a longtime Milwaukee tradition. Come Christmastime, Bunzel’s goes through over […]

Observations from a Few Weeks of Learning Go

The syntax is kinda fun to learn. There is satisfaction involved in learning how a different language does things and comparing it to the others you already know. It makes me wonder how much of programming is a strong understanding of the syntax and built-in methods and such. 25%? The bigger chunk is knowing how […]

✍️ ⛸ 👀

“The best writing is rewriting” E.B. White I suppose, E.B. White, unless nobody ever reads it. So you gotta toss in a little: “I skate where the puck is going to be” Wayne Gretsky And you get:

Address #hashes ❤️

I like it when physical addresses have a unit number at the end. Like: It reminds me of URLs with hashes, like: It’s really still the same overall place, it’s just a different part of that place.

Posts Screen Cleanup

The WordPress Admin screen where you look at Posts / Pages / Post Types can get really messy. In the table that shows the posts, a lot of stuff is on-by-default there and plugins can add more. In my experience, it has gravity toward looking like this: The trick is to pop down that Screen […]

Futurama S2E17

[Bender & Fry at Army Recruiting Office] Bender: Hello! We’re here because we, uh, love our planet. [Bender & Fry snickering] Army Guy: Sign here on the dotted line patriots, and I’ll give you your discount card. Fry: Just out of curiosity, we can use the cards to buy gum, then immediately quit the army, […]