Chris Coyier

Worker Editor

Props to Cloudflare for their Worker Playground/Editor thing:

Sorry for the giant desktop screenshot there, but I’m sure that’s how it’s meant to be used. It’s an information and interactivity dense experience.

I bet not even that many people use it, because it’s kinda “cowboy coding” when you do. Serious usage of Workers is surely done locally with wrangler/miniflare and deployment automated.

But when you need to play and experiment, it’s great! It’s a decent little code editor (Monaco, it seems), it allows you to test whatever sort of HTTP requests you want against it along with a UI for adjusting headers. It outputs logs and gives you a full-on preview for visual things. But I think my favorite thing is how it’s got a straight-up Chromium DevTools jacked right into the UI. Must be because Workers run on V8 just like Chromium does.