How Bluey Became the Best Kids’ Show of Our Time

Kathryn VanArendonk:

… I watch the Australian children’s show Bluey with a mix of awe, wistfulness, love, and a dash of resentment.

Feel that! I absolutely love Bluey and feel like I could hold my own in a very serious worldwide Bluey trivia contest. Literally every episode hits some kind of real-life pitch-perfect note that you wouldn’t think a silly kids show could hit. Especially one that actual kids actually love.

The smidge of resentment comes in when inevitably comparing your parenting to Chili and Bandit’s parenting. They are… better at it. They play better. They do lessons better. They have better relationships. Since it feels so close to life in so many other ways, those things sting a little harder than they should. The play is especially hard, as Bandit commits so hard with those games. It’s one thing to play keepy-uppy for 10 minutes or toss a sticky slime toy on the ceiling. It’s another to build a whole city block of houses out of play materials and wholeheartedly commit to a new character for what seems like half a day.


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