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Number of Homes
  1. I’m not even sure what house I lived in when I was born. Something where my mom and dad lived together, for the few years before they divorced. Then after that probably a couple of different houses before my memory kicks in? I dunno, I’ll just list this as one.
  2. The Lynndale Rd. House in Madison, Wisconsin.
  3. The Fitchrona Rd. House in Verona, Wisconsin.
  4. Wells West dorms in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  5. Wells East dorms in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  6. Weird basement apartment in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  7. Weird brick duplex thing in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  8. The Yellow House in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  9. The downtown house in Madison, Wisconsin.
  10. The suburban apartment complex thing in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
  11. The Farmhouse in Verona, Wisconsin.
  12. The Killingsworth house in NE Portland, Oregon
  13. The Alberta house in NE Portland, Oregon
  14. The flat in Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois.
  15. The house on the circle in Tampa, Florida.
  16. The house on the circle in Palo Alto, California.
  17. The Bay View house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  18. The compound in South Miami Heights, Miami, Florida.
  19. The Northwest Crossing house in Bend, Oregon.
  20. The Aubrey Butte house in Bend, Oregon.