January 2021


Snowblower Mat

I’ve never been able to find a good system for what to put beneath my snowblower in the garage. After you blow snow, the thing is covered in snow. This janky system I have catches it as it melts back into water, so it’s not a big sprawling puddle. You can wipe the snow off […]


An Interview with an Anonymous Amazonian: … we make it easy to migrate and difficult to leave. If you have a ton of data in your data center and you want to move it to AWS but you don’t want to send it over the internet, we’ll send an eighteen-wheeler to you filled with hard […]

Perplex City

I was so excited about Perplex City when it came out in 2005. I ordered cards and set about solving the puzzles on the cards. The big idea was that real life mixed into the puzzles a bit (“alternate reality game”) in a search for “a priceless scientific and spiritual artifact” known as The Cube. […]

Unmoderated Doesn’t Work

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, poking at the Parler mess: Every few years, there’s some quote-unquote free-speech platform that gets founded in response to changes or policy changes that have been made. But the thing that all these platforms ultimately realize is that you hit a ceiling because people actually do want moderation because there’s always […]

1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute

I randomly watched The Librarian and The Banjo the other day. It was a short documentary about Dena J. Epstein and her effort to document the history of black slave music. That culminated in the book Sinful Tunes and Spirituals (I’ve ordered it). The 1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute was mentioned in it, which I had […]

The Award For The Essay That Nobody Can Stop Thinking About Goes To

Indi Samarajiva for I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now. Frankly, I expected more epaulets and tanks, but this is all you get. A bunch of dumbasses throwing chili powder. Someone at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, next to a dildo shop. What a fucking stupid century. This is what our coups […]

My typical day

I got tagged by Colin Devroe, so I had to! 5:00am – Pitter patter. Shower. Feed the dog and let it out. Empty the dishwasher. Off to work. My office is a few miles away. You go to an office during the pandemic? I do, as it is just my wife and I. It’s a […]

WooCommerce + Printify: Almost!

Printify is a pretty neat company. They print custom designs onto products and ship them. (Printful is a similar alternative). They are the technology middle man. They don’t actually do the printing, they outsource that to actual printing companies around the world. Those companies print and then ship the product. Printify is very upfront about […]

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