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Phase 3

State of the Word this year:

I’m most excited to learn about “Phase 3” of Gutenberg. Realtime editing features sound neat, but I’m most interested in what the “workflow” features Matt eluded to there are.

My dream workflow for CSS-Tricks is to get draft blog posts into Gutenberg as soon as possible. Right now they come (by our request) as Dropbox Paper documents because that tends to be easy for people to get started with. Dropbox Paper has a permissions model meaning multiple people can edit the document and see changes. Most importantly, a commenting model such that we can all leave comments on parts of the document. Crucial for an editing workflow.

But then that requires porting over to Gutenberg, which takes time and re-jiggering. It would be neat if the entire process could take place in Gutenberg.

And yet, I dunno. We don’t always get to that point of final publication during the editing workflow. I feel like by the time you have a draft post in WordPress itself, that’s signaling to the guest author that publication is nigh. It seems like it would be way more awkward to pull the plug at that point (they already have an account, they can see what the post would look like on the site, etc.).