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My wife bought some little felt pads to go under our dining room chairs. They were probably like, a few bucks. They are really nice!

They made the chair slide across the wood floor a bit more quietly and nicely, not to mention scratch it up less.

While we were putting them on, I was like, ya know what, I’m going to get out the hex wrenches and tighten up all the bolts on these chairs.

I didn’t really notice before, but now that we were improving the chairs with little fixes and I was paying attention to the feel of the chairs, they really were quite wobbly. A quick few twists of tightening on all the bolts made them feel strong and sturdy and almost like new again.

It feels great to do these little tasks that increase the quality of life around the dining room table a little bit.

But did we just do them randomly? Nope, we were doing them because we had the floors in the house re-finished, and we were moving the dining room table and chairs back into the room.

Sometimes little fixes that you could do anytime only get done when really big stuff happens around them. I find that so true with web work. I could work on any aspect of any of my sites at any time, but I tend not to. I work on the small stuff surrounding the big stuff that is also being worked on.