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Guessed Wrong

Me in 2017:

Just a guess, but as much resisting and activism and outrage as there is out there, he’s headed for re-election.

I was wrong! Thank god.

My whole guess was that anybody that voted for Trump in 2016 got what they wanted and would vote for him again, and then some. I’m not sure if we’ll ever know if that was true or not, considering how seemingly-wrong the polling information was this time around.

What is true is that way more people voted. So maybe it is true, it’s just that of the added voters, way more voted Democrat.

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased. I think Trump was a real piece of shit. And not because I hate all conservatives or republicans (although, jeez, many of them don’t exactly help me out in that regard). I think he’s a piece of shit because of how he treats people, how he created division in this country by shutting down intelligent debate, and how he stoked the fires of racism and hate.