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I’ve been using a standard-grade carabiner for my keyring for a long time. I like how it makes it easy to hang from a hook, a thing our family does. But the carabiner spring started getting weak, and besides, my fidgety nature was always playing with the closing latch thing and having the rings fall off. It annoyed me to the point I decided to look for a new keyring.

So I did super in-depth research tweeted:

Of the replies, OrbitKey got the most chatter. I bought one, have been using it for a few weeks, and I love it. The keys are tucked away in the strap, and you kinda swing out the one you need when you need it.

It’s not over-solving the problem like those wacky ones I’ve seen where your keys are essentially replicated into little sticks that jab out of a little case like a switchblade.

Just as clever is the OrbitKey Ring, which you can attach to the butt of the OrbitKey, that’s just a well-engineered keyring. I hang my truck’s key fob off that and it’s a nice little setup.

My favorite part? When you swing out a key and use that key in a lock, the leather strap thing give you all this extra leverage on the key itself, making turning the key a much more pleasant experience.