I started using Setapp maybe 6-8 months ago. It’s a service you pay monthly for to get access to a bunch of Mac apps. There are various plans, but it’s basically $10 a month. Just looking at the price alone it’s not a no-brainer, but the reason I was looking at all was is because I wanted one particular app.

See my folks were having some issues on their Mac, and I wished I could just (remotely) take control over it and deal with it myself. Seems like a thing you should be able to do, but reading about it made it seem complicated. But there is this one app, Screens, that really looked like the way to go:

Screens is $30 normally, which is fine, but hey, if I only need it for a short time, and Setapp is $10 and includes Screens, that seems like a win, so I went for it.

But then the real value starts setting in. Another app Setapp includes in CleanMyMac X, which I’ve used for a quite a while and like (and is $35 all by itself). My main use case is cleaning up old large files to free up disk space. It manages to always fine many gigs of space to clear up. Here’s me running it as I write:

Usually I just forget I even have a Setapp subscription, because at this point I get all the value I need out of it. But I was reminded of it the other day when I needed to rename a bunch of files and I had access to Renamer ($20) because of Setapp.

I may not need that app again for another year, who knows, but it really knocked it out of the park when I needed it. It was highly satisfying to rename a good hundred files that were all kinda janked up in different ways. I even wrote a damn RegEx to clean up a stray space at the end of the files names after the built-in easier-to-use renaming tools couldn’t snag that one.

Here’s a couple of other favorites:

  • Paste. Actually, of everything else in this post, this is probably my real favorite. It has a monthly subscription anyway, so you might as well get Setapp. I use Paste probably 20 times a day. It’s a real game changer to have a clipboard manager you can rely on and build muscle memory for. It’s so good.
  • CleanShot X. Wait, no, I take it back, this one is my favorite. Seriously, it’s by far the best “take a screenshot or video quick, maybe annotate it, and either drag it somewhere to use right now or upload to cloud.” tool.
  • Bartender. I like menu bar apps, but I don’t like how crowded it gets up there.

There are 3-5 others I use once in a while. But here’s the thing, if you look through their list (they have, like, 100 or more?) apps in Setapp, you’ll probably find apps that really appeal to you. I almost feel guilty for not looking through their whole archive more closely and finding stuff I like.

In fact, just while I was writing this and doing just that, I found Uplet ($20, normally) which allows me to post to Instagram from my Mac (instead of needing to pull out my phone), which immediately improved my ability to post work-related stuff like this.

I find trying out apps fun and exciting, like I’m unlocking little ways I can be more productive and creative.

Anyway, I’m using an affiliate link in this post because I want to.