October 2020


Shit, Actually

This book is absolutely hilarious. Lindy West eviscerates movies from the 80’s/90’s/00’s like Titanic, Harry Potter, and The Notebook. It’s that modern sort of joking (but not really) (but still joking) (but not about the misogyny) style of humor that works well in the year twentytwenty. It reminds me of Arrested Development, not in tone […]

A Day

The day Wednesday, October 21st, 2020: Wake up. Ruby is next to me. She’s been waking up in the middle of the night and coming to sleep with me. For like… 6 weeks now. I didn’t get to work until 8:30am or so. Slow start. Very different from the days I’d be at work at […]


I started using Setapp maybe 6-8 months ago. It’s a service you pay monthly for to get access to a bunch of Mac apps. There are various plans, but it’s basically $10 a month. Just looking at the price alone it’s not a no-brainer, but the reason I was looking at all was is because […]

Clark Glacier Funeral

OR Glaciers Inst.: Clark Glacier is gone. It was located on the south face of South Sister in the high Cascades of Oregon. OGI conducted a survey of the glacier in August, 2020 and only a few patches of ice remain. Born: Ice ageDeath: August 2020 That’s extremely sad. They don’t talk about the one on Broken Top, but […]

Video Conversion

I recently downloaded some television programs from one of those websites that, uh, helps you do that. These days, I just stream 99% of stuff I want to watch and am happy with that, but one of my favorite shows of all time (Northern Exposure) isn’t available to stream. I own the entire box set […]

Your Life’s Work

Austin Kleon celebrates his 15 years of blogging. Here’s him quoting himself from 5 years ago: One little blog post is nothing on its own, but publish a thousand blog posts over a decade, and it turns into your life’s work. This blog has been my sketchbook, my studio, my gallery, my storefront, and my […]

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