Why Figma Wins

Kevin Kwok:

Building for everyone in the design process and not just designers is also the foundation of Figma’s core loop, which drives their growth and compounding scale. That network effect is made possible by Figma’s key early choices like: 

• Architecting Figma to be truly browser-first, instead of just having storage be in the cloud

• Their head start in new technologies like WebGL and CRDTs that made this browser-first approach possible

• Focusing on a product purpose built for those designing vector based digital products

Aside from just being a well done product, “browser-first” is what makes Figma so great. All cloud all the time, but you don’t notice it being weird or janky. I’m not an all-day every-day designer, but for the design work I do do (lol) I’m 90% Figma and love it. The other 10% is just stuff I have Adobe muscle memory for and I’m lazy like that.