Chris Coyier

I’ve had some VC’s asking me about JAMstack

So I wrote up a thing.

JAMstack is funny. Technologically, it’s both super simple and a paradigm shift in building websites.

In some ways, it’s a rejection of websites getting so complicated. If you made an “index.html” file for your cafe and put the soup of the day on it and hosted on bare-bones hosting, that’s a JAMstack site. Like we did in like 1993. No fancy server-side languages. No database. Just a file with some content on it. 

The funny part is, even very modern websites can be built on JAMstack. Just about any kind of site can be. It just means some content in some files tossed up on simple web hosting designed for it. The big concept behind JAMstack is like, if we do that, there are some big advantages with speed and SEO and security. Plus we can have super cool developer tools around it, both locally (e.g. static site generators) and hosted (e.g. Netlify/ZEIT). Then add to it the fact that people still wanna do fancy dynamic things with websites, so services pop up to help do all those things (process your forms, store your data, help you log in, yadda yadda).

So it’s like a whole industry all the sudden. Iā€™m a fan.